Roman Architecture as Living Cultural Heritage

18 -20 October 2023

This year marks the beginning of the long-term project disiecta membra - Stone Architecture and Urbanism in Roman Germany (, which is funded by the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz. On this occasion, we are organizing a conference from October 18th to October 20th 2023 under the title "Roman Architecture as Living Cultural Heritage".


The program is divided into three sections: 1. history and practices of science, 2. architecture: state of research, perspectives and desiderata, 3. digital archaeology and digital editing.


Scientific Organizers:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Lipps (JGU)


Dr. Kerstin Hofmann (RGK DAI Frankfurt)


Prof. Dr. Aline Deicke (Philipps-University Marburg; ADW Mainz)


Event manager: Kumi Kost