About Mainz


Welcome to Mainz!

The capital city of Rhineland-Palatinate is located on the left bank of the Rhine river and surrounded by sweeping vineyard hills . Our city has re-invented itself countless times over the two millennia since the Romans founded Mogontiacum in the 1st century BCE. From antique ruins, such as the Roman theater and the Cenotaph of Drusus, to the 1000-year-old Romanesque cathedral to the new synagogue, Mainz has grown and developed into the vibrant and colorful city we know today. Stroll through the weekly farmers’ markets beneath St. Martin’s Cathedral, amble down the promenade by the Rhine river, indulge in the award-winning wines of the area, or enjoy one the numerous festivals, concerts, and theater plays.

Known for being the home town of Johannes Gutenberg, who is widely credited for the invention of the movable-type printing press and is the eponym of our university, Mainz was named “City of Science” in 2011. Today, more than 40,000 students study at a great number of reputable scientific institutions devoted to excellent teaching and research. We are convinced that your participation in the Gutenberg Workshops will contribute to promoting Mainz as a location for science, thus shaping the city’s academic presence and future.

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Pictures: © Landeshauptstadt Mainz