Past Conferences

202427-29 JulyAncient Theater as a Space for Social Negotiation
202313-14 November A Second Gaze. Intertextuality and Transient Meaning in Roman Texts and Objects
202318-20 OctoberRoman Architecture as Living Cultural Heritage
202311-12 SeptemberConstructing Ancient Cities
202215- 17 December Onwards, Upwards into the Past? Classics in the Political Discourse
202228 November -2 December Becoming Social - A Palaeoethological Perspective on Modern Human Behaviour
20227-9 November Colour Schemes and Surface Finish of the Roman Architectural Orders
202225-29 July66th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale
202112-13 November The Challenges Of Living Closely Together – Cross Cultural Perspectives
20214-6 NovemberProfessionals and the Resilience Factor ‘Ritual’ – Ancient Greece and Present-Day
20219-11 July 52. Ständige Ägyptolog*innen-Konferenz: Ägyptologie 2021
202125-26 June Beyond Entertainment – Theatre in Past and Present
202025 NovemberBecoming Social - A palaeoethological perspective on modern human behaviour/